Testimonial from Susanne Van Neste who enrolled into our Quick Start Fitness and Weight Loss Program.

Great weight loss, toning and hugely varied low impact exercise, are my experiences from using Gravity Jersey. Simon is great motivator and despite thinking I was reasonably fit, I found plenty of muscles I didn’t know about !

It is a deceptive regime of exercise that really uses all your body. Simon designed exercises for me so I maximised the loss of fat and got so much fitter overall. This is never boring as there is such a variety of exercises to do, some which raise heart-rate and some which gain you core strength for example.

This was done alongside a nutrition program which was not a faddy diet, just sensible eating at the right times under his guidance. I lost 12lbs over 2 months and will continue to use this regime for exercise, as it gives such good results and I feel great ! I even enjoyed it, despite the hard work ! Thanks Simon

Sophie Hay currently enrolled in the Quick Start Fitness & Weight Loss Program.

Sophie says……

For years I have not been happy with who I am, although on paper I have achieved what some would to aspire to obtain. When being honest with myself, I did not like what I saw staring back in the mirror but after 2 months training by Simon Stratford on the Gravity sytem, that is beginning to change.

I am beginning to be more confident. Slowly, I can see that my body shape has changed and my body is becoming leaner.

The Gravity system is a versatile piece of equipment which enables you to train on cardio and strength training levels. Each session is different and you can see and feel the progression that you are able to achieve from session to session. Simon is so motivating, when you think you just can’t do any more, Simon’s encouragement shines though and you hear, just 1 more rep.

Although I still have a considerable way to go to achieve my goals, since commencing the programme I have gone down 2 trouser sizes and I am receiving fabulous comments from friends and work colleagues. I genuinely consider this programme to be one of the best ways at sculpting my body that I have tried (and there has been lots!) and would totally recommend it to everyone regardless of age and ability. What have you got to lose ?

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