Group Sessions

Gravity Group Classes are a time and cost effective way to exercise.

The following Group Classes are currently available.

Group Pilates

These sessions provide a series of traditional Pilates and evolved Pilates exercises in a comfortable group setting while challenging each individual participant both physically and mentally. The classes are designed to incorporate the traditional principles of Pilates – alignment, breathe and core control – while providing a variety of fun and effective exercise programming. The Gravity System offers a variety of new and challenging Pilates evolved exercises with the freedom of a moving glide-board and adjustable pulley system. The use of body weight as the resistance factor against gravity produces an individualised workout routine that one can progressively increase in intensity as strength, flexibility and overall performance improve.

Group Resistance

The Group Resistance class offers an efficient and effective full-body workout targeting all major muscle groups. Group Resistance allows you to find the perfect amount of resistance for your workout due to the unique nature of the Gravity Training System. As the session progresses, you can continue to improve your strength by simply adjusting your resistance level or by utilizing more advanced movement options. With over 200 different exercises that can be performed on one machine, our Group Resistance class is perfect for those wanting to get the maximum workout in the least amount of time. The small classes enable all participants to receive individual attention from the instructors ensuring that correct form is used throughout the workout.

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