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Please be advised that due to the popularity of the Weight Loss Program, we are unable to enroll anyone else onto the program. We also have a vast waiting list so are unable to add any more people to the waiting list.

There are still a few Personal Training sesions available which can be booked via the online booking system.

A short, intensive, cost effective 1 month program of exercise and nutritional advice.

We take over your exercise program for the month using a combination of strength, mobility and cardio workouts. All workouts whether they are 1 to 1 sessions or involvement in group classes (Maximum of 6 people per class) are included in the cost of the program.

• The gravity weight loss program consists of:

• Initial assessment of weight, height, bodyfat % and blood pressure lifestyle check with regards to your current exercise and eating habits and times.

• From the initial assessment we set your weekly goals for you to achieve in relation to your weight loss and nutritional targets.

• You will be put on a supervised exercise program using our new Power Tower System.

• A final assessment of weight, bodyfat % and blood pressure will be carried out a the end of the program. You will be given a further weight loss/nutritional target to achieve. We will give you a complimentary re evaluation of your progress 1 month after completing the intensive program.

• We offer the ability to spread the payments over 2 months. 50% when you start and 50% when you complete the 1 month program.

• There are many benefits compared to ordinary personal training including More supervised sessions per week with qualified instructors.

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