Gravity Pilates

Experience the benefits of Pilates mat work with a new slant. Gain greater awareness, alignment and attention to detail with exercises on multiple planes.

The use of incline levels, supports and challenges you to assist limitations in flexibility, strength, body awareness and stability helping you feel successful immediately.

• These engaging new classes make Pilates more accessible to participants. Offering traditional and evolved programs. GRAVITY Pilates overcomes strength and flexibility limitations and improves core stability, flexibility, and control for all levels.

• These sessions provide private, semi-private and larger group Pilates evolved classes. The Gravity Training System (GTS) personalises Pilates for each individuals height, strength and flexibility, allowing individuals to perform the Pilates exercises correctly and feel more successful, regardless of level of

• Joseph H. Pilates gave the world an intuitive, visionary exercise method. GRAVITY Pilates, with the more multi-level incline plane resistance, gives Pilates participants the ability to perform exercises more efficiently and effectively for greater, faster results.

Traditional… with a slant

GRAVITY Pilates offers traditional Pilates mat and reformer repertoires and then blends them with new evolved Pilates-based exercises that are specific to the GTS. The assistance technology provided by the GTS incline allows participants to achieve traditionally advanced exercises at earlier stages in their training, thereby creating an environment for participants to feel success quickly.

1 Hour private Pilates session

1 Person    £35.00
2 People    £40.00 (£20 per person)
3 People    £45.00 (£15 per person)




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