March 3, 2013

Four Fantastic Fats for Fat Loss









People used to think all fat was bad. Now we know that healthy fats can actually help you lose weight.


You need healthy fats just as much as you need protein and carbs; you just need them in smaller quantities. Healthy fats are essential for proper brain function, are responsible for transporting vitamins and minerals to your organs and are good for your heart. The other key to fats for fat loss is that they make you feel satisfied and improve the flavour of almost every food.

The important thing is to eat the right kinds of fats. Trans-fats like hydrogenated oils have no place in your body. All other fats have their specific uses in the body, including saturated fats, but you want to focus mainly on mono- and polyunsaturated fats and plant-based saturated fats. Save most of your saturated fat allowance for a nice juicy steak. Here are four fantastic fats for fat loss that’ll help you stay healthy and feel satisfied while you shed body fat.


Avocadoes are an incredible food. They’re loaded with healthy Omega-3 fats, pack a pretty good dose of protein and fiber and are really versatile. You can eat them whole, in dips, in salads and even mashed as a substitute for mayonnaise.

Whole eggs

Eggs got a really bad rap for a while and people started eating strictly egg whites because they were afraid of cholesterol. But now research shows that there’s no link between healthy people, egg yolks and heart disease. In fact, you’re missing some extra benefits if you skip the yolk. Yolks are where you’ll find luteins and other antioxidants. Also, the amino acids in egg yolks are especially easily absorbed by the body, making them an almost perfect protein for pre-and post-workout meals.

Olive oil

Olives and olive oil are among the healthiest fats you can eat. They’re loaded with Omega-3 fats and are exceptionally good for your heart and your brain function, but don’t add fat to your abs. Use light olive oil for uncooked dishes like salads (“light” means light in flavor, not fats) and regular olive oil for cooking.


Some nuts are especially good for you and almonds are among the best of those healthy nuts. They contain a good dose of Omega-3 fats, a nice boost of carbs and are loaded with fiber. A handful of almonds (not honey-roasted or incredibly salted) are an excellent snack before or after a workout or added to your breakfast.


Losing fat doesn’t mean cutting almost all fat out of your diet; it means being careful about the fats you eat and limiting your fat intake to fats that will do more for your body than just fill empty space.



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