September 9, 2011

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September 1, 2011

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Gravity Jersey are pleased to announce that they are now offering biomechanics screenings.

Simon Stratford is a qualified Biomechanics Trainer and is currently offering a small number of discounted screenings as part of the launch of the service.

Biomechanics and Injury Prevention
Irrespective of the sports you perform, the type of training or exercise you do, or indeed at what level, preparation of your biomechanics is an important part of your training programme and is essential to compliment your physiological and functional training and screening.

The practical application of biomechanical screening can be used as an integral part of an injury prevention and management programme, a strength conditioning programme for optimal sports performance and is the basis upon which a functional training programme and a sports conditioning programme can be delivered safely and most effectively.

Injury Prevention
There are many causes of injury ranging from poor technique, poor ‘core’ strength, poor preparation, insufficient range of movement in the relevant structures and many others. Your correct biomechanical function is also a critical factor, but is generally less understood.

A biomechanical screen will highlight the flaws in your pelvic, shoulder and knee function, as well as check whether you have any low grade muscle spasm in key muscles, which may be restricting both movement and the correct functioning of a joint.

In addition a biomechanical screen will check your nervous system and highlight any problems that may cause your body to compensate and break down. For example, a rotated pelvis causing a functional leg length discrepancy can result in a variety of different injuries depending upon how you compensate. It can cause lower back pain, knee pain, shin pain, hamstring injuries, even foot pain. By screening issues like pelvic function, the risk of many of these injuries can be significantly reduced.

Contact us today if you would like to be considered for a free screening.

Further information regarding our biomechanic services will be announed in due course.

Watch this space….



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