October 28, 2010

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October 27, 2010

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An interesting article was printed in the Jersey Evening Post on Saturday 23rd October 2010 by Glenda Rivallan at Highlands College regarding the benefits of group exercise.

Here is the article:

Group Fitness

All too often people sign up at their local gym with the best intentions, only to quit after a couple of weeks.
The main reason for early dropout are the lack of support combined with frustration.
Without the advice of a personal trainer, many people find it difficult to know which exercises to do and in what sequence or routine.
In addition, it is not easy to keep pushing yourself to your fullest potential if you work out by yourself.
It is not surprising then, that there has been a rejuvenation of group fitness classes, as well as the emergance of other fitness trends, like fitness boot camps.
Typically, this takes place with a planned and carefully constructed programme, and group fitness routines are often set to upbeat music, throughout the entire session.

The benefits of group exercise:
– Working out in a group provides support, accountability and structure, and is terrific in terms of adherence to an exercise programme.
– The group encourages exercisers to involve family members, friends and even pets.
– Group exercise is effective in making your entire body toned and strong.
– The greatest attraction is that the classes are typically very simple, which makes getting fit accessible to everyone, fitness fanatics and beginners alike.
– Classes fit right into the busy lifestyles that many people today live.
– Fitness experts around the world agree that group fitness is one of the fastest ways to get your body in great shape.

In every group fitness session, muscle groups all over the body are targeted and strengthened systematically. However; there are some downsides to working out in a group – if a group is too big, it can make you feel anonymous, and you may not get the direction you need to learn proper form, which can result in an injury. And if you’re in the back of a big class, it can be easy to slack off.
To avoid the potential negatives, introduce yourself to the instructor when you join a group. In response, a good instructor should introduce you to people in the class and offer exercises for your skill level.
Aim to encourage a friend or family member to join you and you can both enjoy the benefits to be had.

by Glenda Rivoallan
So, what is the advantage of a Gravity Group Class?

– All of our classes have a maximum of 6 people per class ensuring that everyone gets the attention, motivation and guidance that they need from the instructor.

– The small classes are light-hearted so no-one feels intimidated.

– Gravity Jersey promote ‘bring a friend’.

Therefore; Gravity Jersey cover all of the positive and negative points of group classes and make it an enjoyable and cost-effective way to exercise.

Contact us to find out more about our current group classes.


October 21, 2010

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Gravity Jersey will be officially live on 1st Novembner 2010. Come and join one of our FREE taster sessions and be amazed by the new concpet in fitness.


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