New concept in exercise that's fun

Introducing a new concept in exercise that's fun, exhilarating and different to any other exercise regime.

The Gravity Training System (GTS) uses body weight as a resistance on an adjustable incline plane with a dynamic pully-cable system. You'll need to work your core stabilisers to balance on the unit's free rolling glide-board. The GTS is designed to facilitate full body workouts, without the use of any additional accessories. You can challenge yourself with multi-plane movements, unrestricted range of motion and all at your own level of activity.

With Gravity Jersey, you will get:

  • A program exclusive to Gravity Jersey

  • The chance to use innovative equipment not used by any other facility in Jersey

  • The exhileration if an exercise program that has just taken the health club industry by storm in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia

  • The benefits of a program that has won awards for innovation on all three contintents

  • Pilates, small group personal training sessions and post rehab programming

  • Supervised sessions at quarter of the cost of private training

The Gravity Training System

Are you feeling a lack of interest towards exercise or are tired of doing the same standard exercises using the same equipment?

The Gravity Training System is new, innovative and fun.
Creating a fresh approach to your training. The Gravity Training System provides a workout and results that cannot be achieved on any other equipment.

You will see improvements in strength, flexibility, balance, power and endurance after training with GRAVITY.

The GTS is a functional resistance-training workout.
You can join one of our scheduled classes or can arrange private or semi-private small group sessions to get the maximum benefit from your training time, ensuring more value for money.

The GTS targets a multitude of health and fitness goals to suit your needs, from hypertrophy training and weight loss to joint and muscular rehabilitation and improvements of athletic performance.

With over 200 biomechanically correct exercises, you will get a versatile program that offers you fresh and challenging training sessions.

It's ideal for people of all the ages and every fitness level.
Providing a new incentive and a fresh approach to exercises.

The GTS is designed for anyone, including people with injuries or muscular skeletal complaints

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